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SQL under the hood (Part 2): Estimate the SQL Disk IO Workload based on the Virtual File Stats DMV. (2012-1-20)

Do you know how much data is being written and read on a daily basis by your SQL Server databases? SQL Server keeps track of these stats for you already; you just have to retrieve and interpret them correctly so you can turn this data into valuable information. A couple of years ago I was […]

Maximizing SQL Server 2008 R2 Table scan speed from DSI Solid State Storage (2010-1-2)

Scenario: Imagine you have a single table with 400 Million rows and 46 GByte in size that you want to read as fast as possible. How can you check if you run @ top speed? This blog post is all about squeezing the maximum out of both SQL Server and the available hardware and showing […]

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